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No more than 2 wardens per team in battleground

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when this class first came out it seem that you could kill your selves base on what the producer letter said before it came out ......now am yet to see a warden hp move in bg when they are attacking ...... that second hp bar in arena is ok..but in bg that bar goes up to even more hp than there normal hp bar i see a warden with a total of or more than  1million hp .....



we need to reduce the amount of warden in each team as warden is of no other class  definitely not easy to kill. resist cc which pvp weapons need to do damage ..and has more than double its regular hp 

..OTHER CLASSES RESIST BUT THE WHOLE DURATION the warden in bubble and u cant sit and have a tea and wait for it cause they bubble right beside the base.


so its time we reduce the amount to 2 ......most of the time takes a whole team to kill 1 warden .... something must be done ...i known korea gonna nerf them more especially with the newq pve pvp damage modifer but until this immortality  idea is lifted of a class having hp and have a second hp bar doubling that that uses lil to none of it most of the time .....


i could understand if doing 1 rmb takes away like 20k resilience  etc ..... but these warden have hp stack on hp literally as a cheat to not die as it is to use for skills .




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