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[Gaijin] - Recruitment ENG/PT-BR/JP


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Not just a clan, a life style.

Due to frustrated searches on finding a Guild with acceptable parameters, Guild Gaijin (Foreign) was born. We are a Global Guild, mostly Brazilians, in order to bring together decent people who practice good manners respecting each other. Our focus is to evolve together, making missions, Raids, and etc, without pressure or obligation, we looking for fun and conquest.

Before joining Guild Gaijin, please check that you have the following requirements.

1 - Respect: Main requirement, be respectful and exercise good manners with participants. Experienced players should understand those who start, just as beginners should understand the priority of those who have a certain experience, reciprocity.
Please do not post inappropriate content, we have children at home who may come to see or read the posts. (Excuse me for this, but it does become necessary).

2 - Patience: We are all learning, so be patient with those who do not possess knowledge, teach and learn! (Please do not start attacking without placing the counter).

3 - Communication: Extremely necessary to have good communication in Raid's or Dg's.Discord is the tool we use to maintain the necessary communication, we ask you to create an account if you do not already have it. Speech (microphone) is not required, but listening is a virtue.

If you are interested, please contact us only by DISCORD and wait for our return.
Best regards,


cliff#4060 - Leader (ENG/PT-BR/JP)

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