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Im Solar and Im looking for 4-10 ppl to learn/do mid-high end dungs + raids.

Ive seen a lot ppl with high ap and no clue what to do in certain dung - latest example - Sandstorm Temple - its terrible via F8.

Therefore I would like to gather some ppl to do dungs on daily basis, learn the upper ones - Shadowmoor/DT/BC + raids SK/VT.


Who am i looking for:



Willing to learn/spend time to do certain dungs


I do not care about ap - Im not looking for whales - just have like 1200 and will be ok, since I want every one in my playgroup to gear up and to be able to take any dung - NM for now, HM for later.

Just competent casuals, willing to do things regular.

I started Wl few days ago, and got Gunner with me 24h, so we cover AC/BW buffs.


I do not want any guilds or things like this, since it is only problem - just a playgroup.


If you are interested feel free to mail/pm me in game - Solar Bloom.




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