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Reaching for the Sky, Skysage Peak, & Pillars

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Hi. I am incredibly confused about this quest's specific part...

So I've been looking around for like, an hour in the part of this quest where you have to climb pillars. I've tried everything I can think of to get onto these dang things, but I can't figure it out at all.

I'm really confused as to why I can't just run up them like most other climbing missions, moreso?


To go over in short what I've tried:

- Climbing the statues near the beginning of the area

- Using escape to get back to the top and flying over to the area I wanted to get to with the statues (blocked by boundary wall)

- Climbing up (both naturally and walking up them) the stone pillars themselves

- Looking for some sort of pathway to naturally gain access to the areas

- Climbing up the little wooden platforms (which don't actually lead anywhere...)

- Stopping to Google the issue or game play of the mission 5 times and finding nothing besides another 'issue' about not being able to find the entrance


I'm so lost and confused. Please help.


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When you interact with that one pillar near the NPC that causes it to like tip over, thats the one you need to run up on.

For me the visual bugged so the pillar was standing straight and i had to run on air where it used to tip over.


So in short, after interaction wait like a few seconds then run up the pillar you interacted with.

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5 hours ago, SatoriKomeiji said:

... Oh I see what you mean. I feel like an idiot now. It was like... 5am when I did this and I wasn't paying attention to the dialogue he gave me so I didn't even notice the pillar tipped over.

Thanks a lot Grimoir.

Dont worry xD i was there for a while aswel since the pillar visually bugged for me and i had to wait till other clan members get that far xD

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