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Class for a returning player

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So... It's been a while since I stopped playing BnS, back when the Hongmoon Dagger was something you got in the main questline. I played as a Warlock, but he's gone now because I deleted him before leaving. Now I wanna get back in and I want to pick a good class, both for gameplay and for lore & roleplaying (Fragglenarble) purposes. The ones which interest me the most are:


Warlock [Magic and flashy]

Blade Master [Swords, looks quick and strong]

Kung Fu Master [Weapons are for the weak, just use your fist. Looks strong but seems like the learning and reflex curve is a little high]

Assassin [Seems like it has a similar curve to Kung Fu Master, but looks cool]


Force Master also's got my eye... but I kinda hate the other three races. They just bother me (especially the Lyn)

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Yun Blade Master(Spectral Blade) would be my pick now. It's fun, visually appealing and aside from Yun's busted legs, I still like them and Gons. It's one of the best specs in PvE and PvP, and it's a bit more ping friendly than some classes, but of course higher ping will always lower your performance.

Force Master is viable in both specs, has some of the highest dps like Gunslingers, but Fire is more ping friendly and is the much more played spec.

KFM - I only play Wind(Flying Kick), Idk how the new spec compares, but all the parses I've seen so far have been the lowest of the 3 specs. Fire KFM has burst, Wind KFM has sustained, but Wind KFM pulls ahead for PvE, and Fire KFM for PvP. If your ping is high though, I wouldn't recommend Wind KFM.

Assassin - I would love more blue buffs in general. Assassin is pretty solid all around, but much more ping reliant.


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