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smooth camera option issue

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So the smooth camera i like to set at "1" to have the cameranot totaly fixed behind the character reset often in various situation where the game "freeze" sometime to load.. -no idea what-. Or it sometime happen after somes skills, or somes enemy hit, i've hard time to find any patern to when / why it keep sometime reset.

And its pretty annoying to have to open the option, set the cursor on 0, apply, then back to 1 and apply again.


Its like that nearly since the start of that game, and it would be nice to after all thoses years have a fix to have that option stick like i've set it up



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Greetings wootwoots,


It would be very beneficial for our investigation if you could provide us with a video showcasing the problem.
That way, it's easier for QA to work on the problem.



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