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BM new stance

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pls can someone tell its BM new stance is bugg  or not cos  if I used it my dps is too low  I can do only 40k to 100k my gear are not that bad I can solo with my  lightning build SSM 

PLS  if any one of u having the same issue as me reply.

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Nope, after respeccing my gear and getting used to the new rotation, I can tell the damage output is definetly higher on the 3rd spec.

That said, are you still running around with lightning-specced accessoires and badges? Then of course you won't do as much damage with them on spirit spec.

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3 hours ago, sandhyarani said:

NOPE I  have  change all the stuff to new but still I can do 40 to 100k n with the new stuff if I do lighting build still my dps is around 500k 

that's making me sick feeling like uninstalling the game 


if your gear isnt properly upgraded and without the right soul badge / mystic badge you wont do good damage on 3rd spec.

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