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No Subtitles in Act 10


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I've played through Act 10 completely on one character and I'm starting a second one. None of the cinematics have subtitles. I have the subtitle option enabled in my settings. I did play through on my first character with the KR font mod, but I disabled it so the game has no text/font mods at all, and there are still no subtitles. 


Anyone else experience the same? Kind of unfortunate that there aren't any subs. Additional confirmations in the reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/c3cikx/act_10_subtitles/



As an example, this screenshot is during a cutscene where I think Mushin is speaking? I took the screenshot as the voice over was happening, no subtitles to be found.



List of cutscenes with speaking parts and no subtitles (possibly incomplete)



- Short black cutscene before loading into Mushin's segment with Dokdan voice over

- Mushin? speaking to the naryu army

- Calling out Mushin for treason (the NPC has text boxes that are visible during the scene, but no subtitles, not sure if necessary)

- Introduction of Grandmaster Nayul

- At the Empyrean Altar with Sobu

- Ryu with Jinsoyun/Jinsoyun 'awakening'

- Warped Citadel boss cinematics (i think)



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