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praise Spirit BM


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i played lightning bm for 3yrs+ and she is my only character on bns

and i do not use macro



[spirit] bm is just too cool, so much dps boost and i love the idle stance

while in Soulblade stance, she has so many iframes such as double Qs, E, Starstrike [every 1min], Guardian Blades, HM block, and Cyclone

the new Deflect is a thousand times better than the old Violent Blade, yellow attacks are pretty much almost painless to us now

although i do find i need to pay attention more on multiple skill cooldowns refresh during dpsing/tanking

actually, primarily 5 skills while in Soulblade stance: Thunder Crash, Lightning Draw, Spirit Vortex, Sword Fall, and Blade Storm

but i will take this over ani-cancel any day lol, i HATE ani-cancel!!

and finally, against small monsters, i no longer have to gap close to kill them, simply go full range on them!!


PROs: too many to count lol



- can only use kd in Soulblade stance

- need to turn off Soulblade stance in order to stun

- i will very much miss the old Flash Step, sniff sniff

- i will take big boost in dps over some lost in movement capabilities


future wanted UPGRADEs:

- SS moves back 12m

- give HM block better visual effect, something like Starstrike in Lucky Stars mode

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i want to share my dps opener below for fun


regular spirt bm dps opens like this:

Tab --> 2 --> 4 --> V --> Tab --> hold down RB --> F and LB when available


my version:

Tab --> Tab --> 2 --> Thunder Crash --> Lightning Draw --> Spirit Vortex --> hold down RB --> Sword Fall and LB when available


i know i will possibly lose about 1-2 sec of Starstrike dps due to Tab --> Tab --> then 2

i open with this because it will show the rest of the party HOW COOL AND FLASHY Starstrike is =^.^=

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