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3rd Spec accessories can´t be upgraded with event

Soyun Grey

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Hello¡¡ :paper:


I´ve been recommended to post some issues or problems I find at game and there is one that at least in my case is something important, some players or at least me when we heard about the 3rd spec saved a lot of dragonflame jewels as well as the event mats to upgrade the new BT and VT accessories for the KFM and BM 3rd classes and I realized 1st and 2nd specs accessories can still be upgraded using the event mats but 3rd spec ones don´t, so idk what can I do with all those mats specially the upgrades from stage 3-4 and 6-7


I will add some screens showing it, and I need your advise, should I make a ticket to support or it is a common problem that maybe will be fixed later?
Thank you and have fun :HajoonCheer:




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I can't find the post because the search function here sucks, but it was mentioned that dragonflame jewels only worked on "existing" accesories, and that you wouldnt be able to use them for 3rd spec ones

You can always use them on the previous ones and just switch when its at 10 tho

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