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KFM Dragon Fist Soul Badge. Ancestral or Wildborn?


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Now, I'm in a quite of a spot here, I've have people telling me wildborn is better and people telling it's worse. I'm a returning player so I do not yet possess a legendary soul badge, which I can have it now and I have 1 of both options available to me. Now what I need is someone with an ACTUAL feedback, by that I mean someone that has TRULY played with both soul badges, both in solo dungeons, heroic 6 man dungeons and raids. PvP I don't care. ALSO it needs to have done it at minimum with a full 8 TT ss. Simply parsing in general Moyun and etc and with low gear and with VT ss it's irrelevant. I need some actual info and thoughts by players that have ACTUALLY test it out. So with that said, if someone that have gone through that ordeal could give me their opinions and thoughts I would mostly appreciate it. Thanks in advanced

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