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Fortune event gives 6 vials/alt with more efforts spent

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To sum it up:

-Event happens for 35 days


-You can earn tokens from following sources:

+3/day from doing 2 Daily Challenges

+3/day from doing 4 Daily Challenges

+1/day from event dungeon

+6/week from weekly challenges

+1 from daily login rewards (3 for premium). Unless they change this


-Assuming doing all, you can earn 275 tokens in total, with 35 or 105 account-bound tokens to throw around.


-You also need to do some fishing with the new system for pearls to trade tokens for rewards. From what I know, each fish gives 15+ pearl and takes around 30s. Using bait from event gives better chance for rarer fish, thus more pearls. Should not take you much time.


-With more efforts spent (4 Daily challenges/day + event dungeon + fishing + Weekly), which is more works to do than previous events), you can get 6 oil/character. Assuming you don't want to do 4 DCs, then doing 2 DCs + event + weekly should still give you enough for 4 oil/alt. Up to whether you want to tryhard or not.


However, this event is completely gated to new/alt characters have not yet finished Act 10 (or reach Act 10, I forget), cuz that is the Act where fishing system gets unlocked. If you want to fully exploit this event, get your alts to current final act.



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