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Regarding Challenge Mode Dungeon Rotation and Collection

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Since there isn't a clear precedence for the availability of the custom dungeon outfits available from Challenge Mode after season/dungeon rotation, I wanted to ask some questions. Currently, there are two tabs for exchange of Challenge Mode tokens with Kangcha: one for the current Brood Chamber season and one for the previous Dreamsong Theater season. Additionally, it is currently possible to obtain the Custom Dreamcatcher outfit, adornment, and mask with challenge tokens from the current Brood Chamber season as well as with the ones from the previous Dreamsong Theater season. The questions I wish to ask will regard the availability of previous Challenge Mode custom sets after their season has been retired. As of now, this is unclear. 


With the Brood Chamber season ending on 06/26/2019, it is likely the new dungeon arriving in Empyrean Shadows will rotate in to be the new Challenge Mode dungeon. It is imperative to ask now so that there is time to determine how the Brood Chamber season challenge tokens should be used. It is also important to have these questions answered because some collection sets may become unavailable. In particular, the Living the Dream collection, which is completed with the Custom Dreamcatcher set and grants 100 mystic as a reward, would become unavailable for completion if that set is no longer able to be obtained from future Challenge Mode seasons. The same would be true for the Custom Bloodlust set.


Will the Custom Dreamcatcher outift, adornment, and mask be available in the next season in exchange for challenge tokens given that season?

Will the Custom Bloodlust outift, headpiece, and mantle be available in the next season in exchange for challenge tokens given that season?

Will either the Brood Chamber or Dreamsong challenge tokens be antiqued after 06/26/2019?
Will either the Brood Chamber or Dreamsong Theater season tabs be removed from the Kangcha coin exchange NPC?


Any communication on what will change for the next season is appreciated and will aid in how to best spend the tokens we currently have for collection. Thank you.

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