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Deadly Muffins Is Recruiting Cerulean Order


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[Server: Jinsoyun]
[Clan: Deadly Muffins]
[Clan rank: 6]

Introduction: Hey we are deadly muffins and currently recruiting active New players and Veteran players. We want to help you grow in a non Toxic enviorment, We have active veteran players that can assist you in upgrading gear or just overall class questions. We dont put a stigma on gear that will come in time. We run a Skybreak spire and Vortex Tempel BT/VT everyweek to help you get your acc aswell as Weekly mini raid train and purple train. We have a Active discord for more then just Blade&Soul ! Mains Only We are looking for active people that want to take part in new and old content in the game, have the will and abillity to progress. If you like what your reading hit me up with a pm. Side note be Active and dont get offended quickly we like to joke around p.s We are gathering people for a clan BG if you are interested in that let me know


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