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Way of the Blade Master Part 3


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Im having trouble completing the quest "Way of the Blade Master: Part 3." As soon as I use Soaring falcon on one of the mirror images it disappears before I get the chance to Rush. It's pissing me off and I have no idea what to do. I can't even find a single video of this mission being done anywhere!

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Hi guys, 


Is this quest from the purple quest line from Hajoon? - technically part of the tutorial? 

If so, i believe to achieve the quest you might have to wait for Hajoon to knockdown first. As it's meant to teach you about joint attacks but with him as a lead cc'er.

So just knockdown with Soaring Falcon after he knockdowns. 


If this information is irrelevant i do apologise - done those quests a long time ago, so cant remember lol.


Good luck!

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Hi! I just spent half an hour trying to do this as well and figured out what my problem was. In my martial tome I had set it to Singing Blade instead of Spirit Sword. Once I changed it back to Spirit Sword the combo worked just fine. Not sure why it doesn't work in both.


Hope this helps :)

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