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1v1 Arena Empyrean Update Focused Feedback

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The 6/19 Empyrean Shadows update will restrict entry to

  • 9am- 1am server time
  • 11am-3am EST
  • 8am-Midnight PST


Throw up your constructive feedback about these queue times for the classic Blade and Soul 1v1 duel match.  Are the windows of play too long or too short? Would you like to see them start earlier/later or end earlier or later?

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Dumb plan, they shouldn't release this update at all..
They should focus on the actual problem and not be lazy and just shut it down to not have to track down wintraders… it's just pure laziness.

And if you would really NEED to close arena, which they don't..
Then at least do it early morning 6am->12pm gmt+1 since that's the time of day its most dead...
1am->5am is usually a lot more alive then from 6->afternoon... 
1-5 am there maybe 10 matches, compared to 1/2 from 6-afternoon.

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I dont have a problem finding matches at any time (1v1) at around 1800 rating i dont think we need any restrictions in 1v1.

In 3v3 on the other hand we need something like this and i hope we will get faster matches now but i agree with SkFy they should really look into why most players dont want pvp at all.


Its no mystery that the current balancing is crap which lost us alot of players again NC dosent want to do ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ about it. We dont have to take 100% what KR gives us ! Why cant they just skip an update till we get a somewhat balanced update in my oppinion awakening destroyed PVP in Blade and soul completly.


Another reason why we have a low playerbase in PVP there are not alot of PVE Players intereseted in it due to the lack of stuff you get in there.


You can get Some Moonstone crystals (Crystals!!!!!) everything else is much faster farmed with PVE. Add Elysians to the PVP Box and more players will come evetually.


They should try to create something which attracts new players into pvp not restrict it !

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