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Lets gather some feedback for the F11 PVP changes!

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In order to get focused, constructing feedback for each area of pvp changes in stead of everything just jumbled up, lets get a thread focusing on each of the following:


Remember to be constructive, and if you don't like an aspect, endeavor to give a suggestion( for example 6v6 ending too early, add more hours for PST players, especially on fri and sat).


Times are based on the preview chart having 6's change over at 6am (reset), and my ingame reset (displayed in est) showing 8am EST for reset.

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Dumb plan, they shouldn't release this update at all..

They should focus on the actual problem and not be lazy and just shut it down to not have to track down wintraders… it's just pure laziness.

And if you would really NEED to close arena, which they don't..
Then at least do it early morning 6am->12pm gmt+1 since that's the time of day its most dead...
1am->5am is usually a lot more alive then from 6->afternoon... 
1-5 am there maybe 10 matches(at the same time), compared to 0/1/2 from 6-afternoon.

But if they  wanna keep it competitive they should focus on getting more people to play it... not close it down and force more of us to stop.
Another idea is to reroll awakened patch, which made many many pvpers quit...
Or at least stop adding broken classes each season who can just faceroll the s outa everyone spamming a single button while having immunity for an eternity..
It's really no fun farming your a.. off to just end up feeding the 100's of people playing their broken flavor of the month unbeatable class.
This is the big problem in pvp… and the fact that ncsoft doesn't listen to it's pvp players.
Spend a day in arena lobby and you would know all of this

The 6v6 times, won't change much...
Since it's already dead half the day anyway, but should at least be extended to 3am gmt+1...

3v3... well, :/ its already dead and this update will kill it even more... just leave it as it is or only close it early morning from like 5am->1pm gmt+1

EU player here obviously :P

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4 hours ago, Shanae said:

i think if you want to get more people to play a certain game mode, id add more rewards at certain hours, rather than restricting game times

Or, you know, think of a pvp event that helps players to upgrade pvp gear and offer good rewards for higher rating tier. Run it along with a pve event with meta rewards (oils, gems, outfits), of course, or you will enrage pve folk.



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NA Something to think about: Server time has traditionally not adjusted to Daylights savings, (Spring ahead, fall back), so when we set the clocks an hour back in DST, everything will be an hour earlier (example: 6's ends at midnight pst, after fall DST, our clocks go back but servers stay the same, so it would end at 11pm pst effectively at that point). 


@Cyan Can these times be revisited in the fall? Or is it best if we keep that in mind for the current discussion?

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