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Victory Token from Merchant of Wonder? Can it be changed into a more dated ToI token?

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Merchant of Wonder sometimes rolls out to sell a single Victory Token. However, for current contents, it have become outdated. There are very few things that Victory Tokens can be used for trading:


1) ToI pvp badges: you need 70 victory tokens to trade for them. However, there is no longer any source to grind for Victory tokens , except from rare merchant spawn, people's leftover. Not sure about F10, but considering Victory Tokens are not trade-able, so it is still hard to come by if that is the case.


2) Other previous TOI tokens: you need to trade 70 TRADE-ABLE soulstone and a victory token for any of other previous ToI token. The victory tokens from merchant already cost like 10g to buy. Adding soulstone just makes the cost inflated.


It is more preferable if the token is changed to:


1) Current ToI token, which is Liberty. Change to newer tokens when they are out.


2) A chest that contains every ToI token to select from. Also reduce the purchase cost to like 1g.


3) Something more useful. Even a jewel/element at 5g worth more that a victory token.

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1 minute ago, ElectricPotato said:

Victory tokens can be used at the ToI vendor with an elysian crystal to buy 1 token of any season before Victory(unless recently patched out). I believe this is the reason Victoyry tokens never became tradable.

This. you do not need any soulstones to change over the tokens just 1 elysian crystal. so instead of making it rng with 7 different tokens, they just make 1 token and you can freely swap them out....makes moire sense

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