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Why remove 3v3 from daily, itas official, 3v3 is dead again after update

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so instead of updating the rewards to current gear lvl ... to at least better  rewards ... you now remove it entirely from daily i dont see why anybody will do it , altho they werent but u get a few match here and there once in a blue moon i guess..... all you guys had to do was make the rewards better and for at least once add event tokens to it, remove solo qing and add link to chat when u hit the button and button truns to ready with 3 ppl but nooo yall gotta just ignore it and try to cover up it with peak time changes like why would i go out my way to do it obviously if no one doing  it theres a problem make the rewards better  ..... doing pvpisnt rewarding . only people do it now is win traders and die heart pvpers ....just ruining the game more for pvpers thank you ...........may be the oil changes will draw in ppl but keys are so limited u cant buy them with zen to say its farmeable for mats.





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