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I`m so confused

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I have started playing the game recently again and finished act 9 but idont know how to proceed with my seraph weapon. like its on stage 2 and i cant upgrade it anymore?? i wanna go for raven but idek how to do that 

just nod and smile yall

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Baleful / Seraph were removed. you have a few options:


1. Salvage the seraph and get a new box with riftwalk / Dawnforged

2. buy rift / dawn weapon from the merchants

3. The temple of succession raid quest will award you a riftwalk stage 3 weapon, talisman, hexagonal gems, soul and heart.

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8 minutes ago, ivxxnne said:

oh my god thank u very much i wouldnt realise that myself lolol

can u also recommend which one is better for pve 

it all depends what class you are. some benefit from dawnforged some from riftwalk.

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