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Returning FM Needing Help


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Well I only got a fm twink, but I will try to help....

First of all, have you finished all orange quests (at least till the point where you have to get into the raid)? you seem to be missing one piece of gear (not sure what it is in english, the one you can activate), so try compleating the last orange quest as far as possible.

As for what to do, also do the quests know your enemy 1/2 und the dead refuse to die (or something like that), they give you good gear (bracelet, soul shields, gems,...)

As in gear...

bracelet (quest or getting it for cores and several naryu sanctum runs)

soul badge - easiest gotten for sun orbs (from daily), takes a while but you get there eventually

mystic badge - celestial basin for peaches

soul shield - quest and bt (first raid, raven raid), the next legendary soul shield

ring/earring - also from bt, first raid


These are only the first, but till you got those you should have a better idea about the game.

As for skills, well as said I only have a twink fm, but I went 3,2,3,2,2 instead of 3,3,3,2,3. Not sure anymore why, but you sould open up F11 and see what fm with top rankings are doing. Look at several and read all descriptions.

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