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Can't seem to get inside


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Chapter 35: Divine Madness, 


There's is absolutely no way I can get inside the Emissary's Quarters at all whatsoever. I'm not sure If I'm even doing this right in the first place, But I have probably windstrided to the same place a couple of times just so I can get inside, sadly nothing works to my avail. MY HEAD HURTS SO MUCH!! Please help me! 


My discord is Coconuts#7541, please reach out if you know how to help me...I would like to send pictures of the map.



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looked into this, the hint I found:

"if any of you are here because you windstrided out of the area or logged off before you could finish this part of the story then you came back and the area was blocked off just go to misty woods in moonwater plains and and take the skygate back to the area!"

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