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Fixing the current pvp problem.

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I would like to pop up a few ideas that may fix your current problem with pvp.

1.Take and make 4 modes for battlegrounds. Two of which you can use full gear and soul shields (clan and normal). Geared clan and geared solo/duo. The other 2 with Zero gear and a fixed rate of hp ( no skill items like in shackled) pots and charms still useable. This would allow for skilled or free to play winners to participate with minimal spending while attracting new players. Non geared clan and solo/duo.


2. You guys really need to look at a class revision of all classes. Ill leave it at that. Everyone battles about their class or are sick other classes. This is because of the counter class motions you have set in play (Gunner > Warden, FM > kfm, Bd > Gunner) We all know that battlegrounds is unforgiving and how it chooses. You may get up to 6 of the same classes. So counter class mechanism doesn't really get to have play here. It kinda sucks for all of your players when gear has no relevance and the matchmaking which is outta your hands does. 


3. Stop with the over powered new classes. No one needs to wipe a whole group based on switching to a brand new class you haven't worked the kinks out of yet.I know they spend a lot of money to up the class but overall it kills your game. % ppl vs the % of ppl who spend massive amount is a big difference and you have to appeal to all players not the top 10 spenders. I fully understand why its done though you guys work to make money. We all need to eat lol. You need for the word to continue to spread about blade and soul. If 300 non spenders tell 5 friends each. You will potentially earn at least one spender per 5 ppl. Thats 1500 new people. Thats already 300 new people that would spend money and the game grows. We win with both. Our community then thrives.


4. Make 2 modes of 1v1.  1 with gear to bring your power players back to 1v1. Gear changes the whole dynamics of pvp. Right now they are just making alts and climbing the top of the ladder using what classes they know that works. Then camping up there to retain reward. I do it myself. Others do as well. The other mode we already have implemented and continues to work. Im never keyed for to long myself


5. 3v3 you can actually make more then 2 modes of this. 3v3 tag which we already have. 3v3 open which would all 3 players fighting at the same time. 3v3 geared tag. 3v3 geared opened pvp. For the rewards for some of this id do like a outfit design that is rare. Something designed by someone in our community of players. ( or just fire 3v3 tag and make in 3v3 open.)


6. Change the arena maps around too lol. A change of view would be nice. The same design makes it boring.  Maybe make some knock off maps . Something where u have to watch your surrondings.



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Yeah well doing some of these things might bring people back. Especially when the next class bounces out. They killed it with their one shots and adjustments to their classes. Awaking sucked butt. It was a hell of a lot more fun before warden and gunners came out too. I used to spend more money in those days myself because I felt like my class was worth it. Now its whatever the newest class is / flavor of the month lol. They don't listen to EU or NA players either. The biggest outcry is for a balancing in pvp. Since they wont do this. All I can do is suggest something more balanced. Even though it wouldn't be. Everything needs to be able to counter each other. That's just fact. In a game where you pick your class you should not be held back vs another class. Id rather spend on 1 character then 3 just to play different game modes.

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