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Dynamic IPs


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So, I've been in and out of this game for a while, and I access it through two methods. My home internet and when out of home, through my cell phone hotspot. Don't worry, I stick only to single player content while on the go... Anyway, as mobile carriers go, the IP from them is dynamic. Meaning, almost every time I access this game on my mobile hotspot, NC triggers it's "unknown access" protocol, which sends an email with a code I have to apply to be able to log in, giving me the choice to save it as a known address or not. In the case of my home Internet, this address was static for the longest time, so I didn't have that problem at home.


Well, things have changed and for the past few weeks, it seems my home ISP started issuing dynamic addresses. I assume it's on their end because I have not changed anything on my configuration. My PC is directly connected to the modem via Ethernet, and I haven't edited anything in the modem's configuration file. Drops in internet connectivity may also cause IP changes, but I haven't seen any such interruptions on my service. Reading around in the net, I get that issuing a dynamic address is cheaper for the ISP, and for the most part, internet access remains the same for users (meaning they are charging me the exact same fee for the now dynamic access they were charging for the static one). But in the case of this game, it means that pretty much every day, I have to run through the whole "unknown access" thing just to be able to play.


Not only is it bothersome to have this happening every single day I play. It also fills up the known addresses page in my NC account, which I then have to go take even more time to go purge, and also I don't know if I'll get in trouble with NC for it.


Now, I know there are some solutions. One is to ask my ISP for a static address and see if they will do it, or if those are even for sale(making me pay more for a service I previously had), or there are services like "noIP" which are supposedly free. But I don't really trust anything outside of official NC sources, which is why I've never tried stuff like BNSBuddy either. So, anyone out there has the same problem? How do you all handle it?

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36 minutes ago, Grimoir said:

I have the same, somewhat, my Router is configured to renew the IP lease every 3 days., pretty sure you can set it up on your router aswel to refresh every few days and not daily.

I know about about traversing my router's config, but I can't say I'm versed on it. I know where to check on who's using it and even how to configure local IPs. But other than that, I'd have to check on my ISP. As I said, it's a very recent change. Something I'm not used to.

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15 hours ago, KlausFlouride said:

ISP's generally charge extra for static IP's. I would suggest you configure a static IP facing the internal network, your router will take whatever IP hits the external side and send it to your internal address.

Guess I'll have to learn and try that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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