Needed Changes for Way of the Spinning Storm

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Compared to Thundering Blade, Spinning Storm is a bit of a joke. The spec is overdue for some needed damage increases and other QoL improvements.


  • Despite having active Wind Charge and Wind Spirit up, certain occurrences like using Skyward Slash during Squall/Hurricane Slash/Talisman bugs Rolling Typhoon making it unusable. Using another skill in-between will fix the bug.
  • Aransu Mystic Badge's "Squall" has to occur more frequently to keep refreshing Wind Spirits for continuous Rolling Typhoon usage. During Skyward Slash and Whirling Scourge, most often your Wind Spirits run out for a brief moment creating an awkward break when you're supposed to be bursting.
  • Rolling Typhoon can not be used to remove certain stacks that are meant to be removed by using your abilities. An example is Brood Chamber's Nacha encounter, where the stacks "Demon Blood" won't go down. A Blade Dancer using Spinning Storm are forced to save their Wind Slash to put them in Draw Stance to be able to use Flicker and Wind Flash in order to remove all 10 stacks of Demon Blood, since skills like Breeze does not meet the mechanics' demand.
  • To close the damage gap between Thundering Blade and Spinning Storm, additional damage could be added to Hurricane Slash. Many specializations received one key skill responsible for either outputting very high damage (e.g. Blade Dancer's Fatal Blade) or providing a status effect able to drastically increase damage during the effect duration (e.g. Kung Fu Master's Wind Gyre). Spinning Storm Blade Dancers did not receive such a damage amplifier, but the weird part is that it's there. Hurricane Slash is a new skill that ties into the DPS rotation very well with the help of the Wildborne Soul Badge, so it seems weird to not add a lot more damage to Hurricane Slash. Starbreaker Bracelet already provides Attack Power bonus to Hurricane Slash during Starbreaker effect, but it barely helps at all. It does 5% of my personal current parse damage, so there's a lot of opportunities to do something here.


I'll add another post if there is anything else I can think of.

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