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Shroom to Grow - no training points

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I'm on shroom to grow but i dont have any training points to use for anything, (i haven't even used any points prior) do you know what's up?

Edit: do i have to change from flame to frost?

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you mean the skill points? you get points for ulocking the hongmoon skills and points from reaching lvl 60. you need to go to U and then character skills and clai the points there and the sam for the lvl 60 achievement.

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6 minutes ago, marvellynx said:

I think i said this wrong, i just literally don't know what to do when I open the marital tome, since it's a different layout from what i see in videos

Oh. The awakening content update changed it all. You now can edit it only after reaching level 60 HM7 and doing the Hongmoon Clan quest. Before that, all you can do is change your main skill set (Fire/Frost).


If you want to see how it works, look for "Blade and Soul Awakening" videos.

I assume you are using a force master since you talk about flame and frost. here's a video explaining how it all works now, including rotations and such later in the video.

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