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Minor change to simple mode (Earth)


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So currently the simple mode is pretty ...well... simple:
Wrath [onhit]> Cleave [oncrit]> Mighty Cleave

(and its awk variants)


However the Cleave and Mighty Cleave is on the same GCD so it feels clunky. An extra Wrath before the Mighty Cleave would be really helpful, like this:

Wrath [onhit]> Cleave [oncrit]> Wrath [onhit/onuse]> Mighty Cleave


Unfortunately - as far as I understand -, the combo cannot be edited by the client, so it must be a server-side change.

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The point of simple mode is that it's meant to be a non-perfect base rotation for the class for people who are new to the close to get a feel for how it plays. you are meant to evolve from using it. If it was actually good then everyone would end up using it which takes away the skill aspect. It's great for people running BT but once you get your VT acc and badges you should stop using it because of that reason you stated. Stonebreaker really isn't as hard to learn as people make it out to be. you just need to have good MS and micromanagement of your CDs

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I didn't say that it's hard, but if you do it manually (smashing your mouse buttons), your fingers can get hurt.

Anyway, there are classes that have almost perfect rotation with simple mode (eg. wind kfm)

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