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Does this mean my ping is good?

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In f8 dungeons, I noticed how I tend to be the first one moving while everyone else is still in loading screen. Like, I can't remember the last time I was the last one... maybe once, only because my PC had that update thing and it dropped my ping drastically. Although in general, I tend to be the first guy that gets out of loading screen quickly before anyone else in the party.


As far as I know, the BnS server is located in Texas. Well, I live a bit up north to that... so, does that mean I should have good ping, then?


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You can actually check your ping. While in combat, ping shows up as a tiny number around the top right of the screen. The lower this number is, the better. Good ping is usually 100ms and less, while bad ping is somewhere over 170ms. Loading faster into dungeons just means you have a faster drive and processor that speeds up loading times. People with high performance CPUs and SSDs tend to load fast. Now, while that helps, ping is mostly noticed when in combat. How often you can attack per second, and if you can pull animation cancels quickly. As in, a person with good ping can attack more often in a given time frame than someone with bad ping.

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