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Bug SF soul badge & losing frames


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When switching stances the soulfighter class loses 5-6 frames which is quite expensive and absurd.

My computer is well maintained, I am using MSI Infinite 8RC 257EU https://tweakers.net/pricewatch/1248377/msi-infinite-8rc-257eu/specificaties/.

My internet speed is insanely good with a well maintained 60-80 ms in bns, in other games like league of legends I have around 5-10 ms.
I have put my bns on my ssd which also has windows itself installed.


The ancestral badge contains 2 badges the courage badge and the glory soul badge.

THe problem:

When using Anima which is in both eternal and enduring path it should reduce the focus chi by 5 seconds, this effect only works in enduring while it should be in both paths.

The anima skill is exactly the same in both paths so it should work that's why this is a bug.


The content of increase dragonfury is working as it supposed to do so, which is increasing the duration of dragonfury.

This means the glory badge is bugged and still contains bad coding of the old bns system earth/frost where the badges where divided by the path you choose.

:ArftosPleaseBig:hopefully you can look in these problems.




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