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as title says is simple mode good fore ice wl?

and if not can somemone tell me what is now good rotation for ice?

i use simple mode cuz in raids my frame rate drops rly low like 20-25 frames.....

i got ryzen 1600 and my settings are on minimum all but still it is bad...

pls share some info with me cuz i want to use my wl as best as i can...


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hey man if u got bad fps u shouldnt use ice.Dragoncalls killing 10-15 fps maybe more.I am playing wl too but cant play ice cause of low fps.I saw one person( to use ice with simple mode but his system so good.ı tried simple mode for ice ı guess its a little bit slower.ice rotation 4 t thats it :D ı m not using 3 cause its killing the rotation.using after leech 1 time.basically 2 4 t v  4tmain, 2 and v spam ,3 after leech dragoncall 5p awdragoncal 5p bombardment 5p  3 1 1 2 1 or 3 2 1 2 1 choose what u want :D  sorry for my bad english invincible badge ı dont know new warsong badge u should ask someone high gear.

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