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Can Orb of Ascension and HM/CS reset made account-bound?

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Yeah, yeah, I know that the fragments are trade-able and I can mail it around, yada, yada, but that is not a good reason why a whole orb is not account-bound. It is not like a house where part of it can be transported by a truck, but a whole house cannot. It is a freaking orb.


In addition, I noticed by accident when pulling an orb out of the Ascension Pouch, which also contains HM/CS reset that those resets are also not account-bound. I don't remember if the previous separated HM and CS resets were account-bound or not, but considering you have raid resets like BT/VT/TT being account-bound, I don't see why not.

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Because the shards are sellable I would also agree the orbs should be account bound at least.  


I have no real reason to play devils advocate with this one as other items that are similar are account bound.

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