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What are the threat generation skills of fire KFM


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hey guys i just figured out that KFM is a Tank but which skills give me allot of Threat the only i know are Flyin slam and battle cry  will help allot beceuse ppl are mad at me for bad tanking  much obliged =S

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Thread skills got changed with awakening. Tank classes can apply a 3 min thread buff (probably battle cry in english, not sure), which buffs thread 200% or 250% (can't remember right now)

While I don't have a kfm I might be wrong, but all other tank classes get the buff on tab after using block or ss. I would guess it is similar. Looks like a purple swirl icon.

Also, you hardly need 25 in defense for dungeons. I would recommend 25 thread (if you are still having trouble and depending on the group), zero in defense and rest in attack. Health regen only if you feel you need it (personal preference). Of course if you start dying, some points in defense, but with the brotherhood system in place, you should be ok. 

I am not quite up to date if points in hm thingy are better than in attack, so someone else might add that.


Also you need to remember, depending on the group they might still take aggro from you if they just burst away and don't give you a chance to attack. But with buff and points in thread you can hold  700% of your own damage, so that really does help.

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