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Please help me set up my talents right now I have. Stunning strike, Cut and run, Lotus of escape, Mine toss and Virulence. I am PVE geared.  Any  help would be appreciated including disabling skills and combos. Do not worry I will never pass any of you  in ranking. Thanks for helping..... MandiCandi

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'bit of an old post but hope I can still help somehow,

I recommend going hearstab, lotus kick, bluebuff, mine toss and toxic splash, I recommend disabling venom pierce and close shave.

you shouldn't need the second escape against the bot, you wont climb if you need it in order to survive, better to learn how to play against the bots. You wont climb if toi isn't a fight against time rather than a fight for survival, learn what to watch out for and get a working opener going.

learn a working stunlock combo, there are many different variations for sin but the toi one is special since you wanna be able to use your F and therefor need to disable close shave which is normaly used in a stunlock. depending on your gear you may also want to consider going bombard instead of heartstab

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