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Thought about Polished Scales and Dragon Tokens

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I actually like the idea of Polished Scales and Dragon Tokens.


The reason is that by using those, you will completely skip the grind of Oblivion accessories, which is a chore to do cuz of outdated contents and RNG drops. For some other returning players, they may be even more unluckly, cuz they have done the quest giving Lucent accessories, which make their grind even worse, especially for annoying grind like Lucent Earring in Necro dungeon. These dungeons are no longer in daily challenge lists. While soloing them are easy, it becomes tiring after you run the same thing for dozen times and nothing you want drop.


So by using Polished Scales/Dragon Tokens, you can effectively skip those tedious grinds. Instead, they use Hollow accessories, which are much more accessible compared to lucent/oblivion stuffs.


I think that in future, NCWest should be either:

-Keep the scales/tokens, and offer them as reccuring event rewards for new players to catch up their gear without going through extra meaningless grind. The option to transmute them should be kept too, for people who just want quick upgrade without costing event tokens.

-Phase them out, but make accessories used for breakthrough to be Hollow accessories instead.

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The breakthrough equipment required to level up Legendary accessories is quite nice. Hollow accessories only cost [Naryu Silver], which could be farmed from Celestial Basin, and I agree, keeping the scales + tokens as breakthrough materials would save us a lot of time grinding to level up important equipment to reach where we want to go slightly faster.

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