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Need help. Background issue

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At first, i never had this issue before, and sorry for my English. ( I speak London cuz England is my city, kappa)
I play while working, and switching between programms often enough. 
After 15th May maintenance, i noticed this issue.
When BnS client updating its ingame location (Portal, Dragonpulse etc.), when it's in background, that makes game client active, but its still in background! 
I can just windstride somewhere, and while animation goes, i swtiching to other programm.
It isnt an epic issue of all times, but still, it's annoying to click on game client again just to free some CPU.

Hope u'll udnerstand after watching this video.


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One thing that helps...in the options there's an option to change the FPS when the game is in background -- and it helps lower the load on cpu+gpu.


One thing that I think happens, in situations like you re mentioning -- when you windwalk somewhere and then put the game in background, it will drop to the background FPS (I have mine set at 4-5 -- whatever lowest is), but when the game is finished getting you to your new location, I think sometimes when the screen refreshes with the new scene, it "forgets" it is in background and spins back up to the foreground FPS level.  Hard to say but that's what it seems to do *sometimes*.


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