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Hongmoon Gem Powder for 25 SOLAR?

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Gaming loot boxes that are RNG based, there is a common consensus that is growing among regulators, its coming and video companies like NCSoft will have to adjust, and modify how loot boxes are used in the game. Belgium and several other countries have already had legal battles declaring it, "Loot boxes""For chance" boxes breaks their gaming laws. 

China has a new law forces gaming companies to law forces Dota, League of Legends, and other games to reveal odds of scoring good loot from "Loot Boxes".


Back to using solar energies for powders. there must be another or several avenues we can use to get powders. I need 512 powders to make a gilded square. How do I do that without spending a bunch real money? there is not enough available powders at free or low cost for the average players.     


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