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Tower of Memory needs to be buffed


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I agree and disagree here and here is why
First let me put myself in a position of  a new player yes i totally agree with you it ruins the fun the objective and such.

Now as an old player after years of stupidly grinding on multiple characters i disagree of the nerfs because doing these daily on multiple characters is very tedious and tends to get frustrated after 2-3 runs on those multiple characters aka alts and want the rewards as fast as possible 

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Hmm, a bit of both worlds then? Make the guns meaningful by having them do much more damage than they do now. That way people get to use the guns and finish quickly.


As it is right now, even fresh 60's with temple of succession quest gear can do 3 times more damage than the guns. The current only exception is the last boss elemental shield, which is why people pick gun only on him.


So yes, as someone who does this on multiple avatars, I'd like to finish quickly, but I'm saddened that mech can't be followed due to that.

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