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Itami Seishiro

Gunner passive bug

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The gunner passive has been broken since it got the update where it added 3% AP each passive stack.

So first the passive:

Visual display when active: (should be + 3% AP not + 3 AP)

Then I tried without any notable gear so my base stats were: (533AP and 533 Boss AP)


So with active passive I shoud have: when 1 stack = 549 AP and 609 Boss AP; when 2 stacks = 565 AP and 685 Boss AP; when 3 stacks = 581 AP and 761 Boss AP.


My results were:

-with 1 stack: which is 3 AP and 3 Boss AP less than it should be.

-with 2 stacks: which is 5 AP and 5 Boss AP less than it should be.

-with 3 stacks: which is 8 AP and 8 Boss AP less than it should be.


So as you can see no test is matching what it should be. It´s only getting worse the more gear you have and the more items you have that can proc as example the GC weapon.

(also as a NOTE: I calculated the results by adding 3% 6% and 9% to the base stats depending on stacks and NOT 3%; then 3% to the result from adding 3% and so on.)


If I forgot anything or if there is a question please let me know.

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Greetings Itami Seishiro,


We forwarded your report when you first posted here. Since then, our team has been looking into this, but the investigation has not been completed yet. 


We appreciate you taking the time to post this report!

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