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have to keep reinstalling the game


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My game starts out pretty fine for a few weeks but as the days go on it starts getting worst and worst. First I have to relaunch the game multiple times because it keeps crashing on start-up then it will crash while in game (mostly only once every few day) but my biggest issue is the framerate/lag. I open a menu, lag. I open a box, lag. I start combat in a dungeon, Game just freezes and stops responding until the fight is over. I've tried everything to fix the issue from defragging, scan/fix the files, make sure nothing is running in the background, restarting my PC. Pretty much everything in reason. The only thing I find that works is to fully uninstall the game and then reinstall which is a pain in the booty. Especially on raid days.


I only started having this problem when using the new launcher.

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