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The custom features for my new character are gone!

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Greetings, warriors. I will tell you a tale about something amazing that was happening, and then the tragedy happened.

I had my mind set on this for a while, so today I decided to create a Warden and to use the lvl 60 boost voucher I had in storage for a while; so I created my beautiful Gon, I checked everything at minimum detail, and even if the customization wasn't enough to make her exactly as Rossweisse, the Valkyrie from a certain anime (she's one of my favourite character), she was quite similar and she was beautiful. After I accepted the features, I chose the name and even if I had some issues (the name was already taken, of course), I managed to go forward and finally it was done.

I found myself in the Training Room, and it said I needed to learn the basic skills so then I could use the lvl 60 voucher to complete the character boost (she started at lvl 50); but, when I put the Hm Training uniform and I zoomed in to watch her better, I noticed that ALL the custom features I put were nowhere to be seen, she had all the basic features of the preset she was based for...and my world completely crushed, I was so so so hopeless and disappointed (you could find it weird, but I spent 1h 30min trying to make her as similar as possible to my favourite character).

I don't know why the custom changes I put in my Warden got reverted back, and I didn't notice until my character was already in the game; I am asking you to help me solve this problem, and I mean: should I delete my Warden now? Could I get an empty slot, re-create a Warden class, put the changes I want and hope it doesn't happen again? Do I risk to lose my lvl 60 boost voucher? For now the Warden.temp is in the training room, and I didn't finish the training, and it still hasn't asked me for the voucher, so should I be in the clear for that or it's already too late? Please, I don't want to lose the voucher, but I don't want to wait for 1.000 years to get the Alteration Voucher necessary to change appearance of my Warden (it's impossible for me, I don't spend NCoin and I have few HM Coin, and I should get 1.000 HM Coin for that voucher). Thank you in advance.


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I don't think the level 60 voucher gets used up until you leave the training room with that character, so you should be safe to try again.


In the character creation there's an option to save an appearance, I recommend using that to save your appearances after you work hard on them. You can save an appearance and then create a character with it multiple times while making small modifications to the appearance and re-saving it + creating a new character with it over and over until you get it just perfect. Often the character will look slightly different in game compared to in the character creation screen, so it can take a bunch of trial and error before you get a character to look  "just right". Good luck next time ^^

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4 hours ago, Smo said:

Often the character will look slightly different in game compared to in the character creation screen, so it can take a bunch of trial and error before you get a character to look  "just right".

The point is it's not like the character in-game was slightly different from the one on the screen, but all the changes were nonexistent: I made her with silver hair, and the hair was white as default; her eyes were supposed to be blue ocean with a specific iris, and instead they were brown and with normal iris. I don't know how it deleted the custom features, it's possible it happened when I clicked Back at one point to see something about the character and maybe it reverted all that, but if that's so that would be awful, like you go check if it's everything all right and the game decides to delete all the customization progression? That makes no sense, and also it's the first time happening, because I have a Gunner I made into another specific character and he's allright (he's exactly as I created him, and I didn't even need to save the appearance).

With that said, if I am in the clear for the voucher, I will delete the Warden.temp and follow your suggestion. Thank you for you reply.

PS: I want to be 100% sure, so can somebody confirm me without doubt that if you just created a character with lvl 60 voucher, and you started at HM Training Room but you didn't complete all the quest (for now I only put the HM Training uniform), and it didn't ask you to use the voucher, you still keep it so you can eventually delete that character, free a slot and do it again?

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