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Game unplayable with UI on (low fps and stuttering) on NASA PC

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Hi BnS community!

Since 2 days I haven't been able to play the game. Out of sudden, the game started to run like s**t (20fps tops and stutters) despite the resolution and details I choose (I normally play 4k 60fps no problem). There are also a huge 1sec lags when I try to open different windows (like inventory).

I noticed however, that it's like this only with the UI on. When I turn off the UI (ctrl+X), everything's fast again, so I believe it is not a 3D rendering issue.

I've tried:

- repairing the files

- reinstalling the game

- reinstalling the game with clean install (deleted all settings folders on C drive)

- reinstalling the graphic drivers

- disabling SLI

Nothing seems to work unfortunately. My PC specs: i7 8700k, 2x 1080TI SLI, 64GB RAM 3600MHz, SSD obviously. CPU and GPUs are OC and watercooled. I've been running this game on this PC for couple of months with no issues and with constant 4k 60fps. Literally didn't change a thing in the system when this happened. Any ideas?

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Were there any recent windows updates installed or do you have any updates pending? Thats in most cases the problem. Also you could try:


- disable bluetooth

- disable FTH


See if that helps, and make sure your GPU is set under physx processor under the nvidia control panel.

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Man, literally before I saw your reply I had come across a thread about uninstalling bluetooth in order to fix 64bit client. And I realized that I've used bluetooth headphones recently.


You cannot imagine my surprise when everything went back to normal after I simply switched OFF my bluetooth in Windows 10. I mean, what the ....??? Nevertheless, thanks to this issue my PC got all new drivers (I even updated BIOS before finding the actual solution)!

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