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game is really laggy tried bunch of methods please help me

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hey guys this is so frustrating the game is using up so much cpu resources and ram. i dont really have anything running just browser and discord even if i close them nothing changes. ive tried lots of different settings from youtube and stuff but nothing works :( here is the setting on nvidia and the task manager and game settings also trying out 32 bit https://imgur.com/a/lgABB2L


I have i5 4690k 16gb ram and 1070ti and using 27" 144hz monitor if that matter


i have also tried bnsbuddy but still the same


please share your settings and things that works if you have the same problem

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DEfine "laggy". The Processor and ram usage you show is fairly nbormal for BnS. Not to mention this game is CPU heavy not GPU.

Did you also make sure to set under physX processor the GPU in the nvidia control panel? and did you try with G-sync off?

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