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Coming back from 2016 - Info needed.

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Hello everyone,


I'm coming back on BnS after a loooong time. I last played mid 2016.

I think I will start a new character. 

I really would like a written update on what exactly changed.


  • What's the shortest path to go to the end game ASAP (I heard you only needed to do the mainquest, is that right?)
  • Which weapons/jewelry/Bagua to focus on to spare a maximum of silver? (Is the starting Hongmoon weapon still the way to go?)
  • What's the meta in term of class for PvE/PvP?


If you have some link with written/video information I would be happy to take it as well ;)


Ps: Is there a discord community or something I can join?


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1) Main quest; follow all yellow arrows, with exceptions of orange quests to be able to do weeklies with other people at the end.

2) Weapons, soulshields and accessories will be provided for you via main quest; no need to divert and buy anything until you absolutely catch up with story.

3) If you want to have in-depth information of classes for PvE/PvP, check out Bns Academy on Discord.


When you "finish" story (i.e. can't continue any further; the story stops at Act 9 and will continue to Act 10 in the future), check out EvilDoUsHarm on Youtube, as he usually stays updated with what new players should do after finishing story.

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