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Help with fire gun, back to game now


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First off, go do the story as far as you can, then do the orange quests. The newest one will give you a set of hexagonal gems and, most importantly, a Rift/Dawn weapon, which will should help as an upgrade until you can go Raven. You'll also gain other gear that will help boost you and also allow you to unlock lv 60. Also check your quest letters. You'll have one from Soha you'll need to do as well.


For fire gunner rotation (once you get to lv 60 and do Soha's purple quest), it's actually pretty simple. They changed a couple of things around to simplify things... although I wish they left crosshairs the way it was personally... other than changing a couple of skills to new ones (that you still use in mostly the same way), what you'll want to know more than anything else is:


-3 now gives 2 explosive rounds when crosshairs pop up instead of giving a proc for F to give you 5 rounds.

-You don't need to reload for Bulletstorm anymore (when Tombstone is up, hold F to unload multiple Bulletstorms... roughly 6 depending on badge/ping)


For Bulletstorm, you still need to hit your target with 4 first to mark them for Bulletstorm, but it makes things a bit easier to pour on those hits. For 3, however, I kind of prefer it the older way... mainly because I feel I run out of explosive rounds more often (or more accurately, have less at my disposal). Still, gameplay-wise, not much has changed significantly.

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