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What class is good for pve?

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I don't have a Destro anymore, but from what I hear on the current content, it is a very competent pve damage dealer. But then again with enough gear, all classes can make pve trivial. As for survivavility, it's up to you learning mechs in the later dungeons, since up there HP has no meaning thanks to one-shot stuff. For anything else that doesn't outright one shot you, destro has plenty of survival with high hp, shields and defense abilities like spin2win.


And as for cool factor, very few things can match smacking someone's face on your axe...

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Pick a class that you like and stick with it.


All classes generally have really good damage and survivability.
It just comes down to learning them.


If you want one for pve strictly for one of the more easier learning curves, then something like Warden's probably your best bet. Great offense, great defense, has a party buff that everyone generally likes. Just expect to tank.

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On 6.5.2019 at 2:18 AM, zipzap182 said:

I have destroyer and it seems ok. I'm just wondering if there is any other class that is good for pve in term of damage and/or survivability?


Create Field of immunity, Hold RMB , win.

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