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returning player here need some guidance

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Hey guys I'm a returning player and I'm kinda lost with all these new patches and stuff. Last time I played was in 2016 during rising water update.


I am lvl 46 destroyer, with siren equipment set and endless tower soul shield set.


Can some one guide me to what I should do? also if someone can link me a newbie guide about equipment, leveling, anything will be appreciate it.


When you use the hongmoon lvl 60 booster, will that unlock every map? will it gives all equipment and soul shield or do I still need to grind them in dungeons?


Thanks guys.

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Follow the story quest (yellow) for now..

I think its safe to say most of your gear will be replaced by the rewards in the story quest. With only breeze accesories still being useful for future acesory upgrades. (check the equipment upgrade path guide. Its a button at the bottom of the inventory to get an idea of what you can throw away)

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The level 60 voucher will give you some gear to start as a fresh 60. But I advise you to play the game story at least on one character. Use Premium instead of a voucher if you want to spend some money and have some benefits along the way. Once you do all yellow story quests, do the orange quests you will find in your quest letters tab. The most important of the orange quests to do is named "Temple of succession". Lastly, there are a few blue quests that I feel you should also do. They are called "The dead refuse to die" and "Know thy enemy" parts 1 and 2. You will get those as you reach level 60 as well.


Unlike the old game, you don't have to upgrade gear in the story anymore. You will be given level appropriate gear as you complete it. Gear upgrading is now part of end game only. Just make sure to not part with your Lucent accessories. You will need them later.

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At level 46, all of your gear is definitely outdated.
All gear will be most likely replaced as you follow story until you finish.


Lvl 60 booster will give you generally everything you need minus the weapon.
You'll need to do the last orange quest to have a more updated weapon.

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