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Pet no longer taunts?


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I'm returning after having not played since right after Gunslinger was introduced, and I seem to recall that the Summoner's Q ability was a taunt is no longer there.

Did they remove the taunt entirely or just to another skill? I've looked around a bit and didn't see anything.

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This site shows only like a peak, you cannot see everything there ;)

log into your summoner, do the purple quest from... I think Soha was her name (the one that starts in zaiwei) and after you finish it, you can change skill under k-talents. then you can speck into taunt for q again, or fast ress for cat (as said on the site) or a roll forward (also not mentioned on the site ;) ).

I think it only unlocks after level 50, so if your sum is still smaller, you need to wait.

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