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Sharpshooter sould shield- Help


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hello, guys, I'm looking for the last to pieces which I can't find in any dungeon. I got the first 5 from a quest but that it no more soul shield related and now I'm looking for the last 2 pieces can someone tell me which quest it might be or what dungeon or whatever? please, nice people, help me solve this thing.


I'm leaving a link here that you can see for references.


thanks ahead  



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The Sharpshooter shields are Gunslinger's raven soul shields, originally obtained from BT (aka. "Skybreak Spire," the Raven King raid). They can also be bought with Raven Feathers from merchant Wei Ido in Khanda Vihar or even in Celestial Basin.


In addition to the quest that gave you 1-5, pieces 6-8 can be obtained from a quest called "Know Thine Enemy: Part 1" (check your blue quest letters), which requires you to run the weeklies "Hall of the Keeper," "Hall of the Templar," "Snowjade Fortress," and "Fallen Aransu School." Good luck getting Halls runs if you're fresh to cap, though.


Honestly I wouldn't worry much about Raven shields anyway. You can just work on getting your (better) Fallen shields from merchants such as Suh Seyun at Dasari Gardens Trading Post with Hive Queen Wings.

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