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Rip Van Yuuki: a story of Antiques, Quests, Lost Friends & Amnesia

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So, my main character, YuukiMel (Server: Jinsoyun - Europe... I'm from US, but most of my clan mates were from UK), has been asleep for 3 years. I haven't been able to load the game (it was my ISP blocking the update at 97%). I finally got that sorted, and I'm back! The only problem is, I have no idea what I am doing. It seems like a lot has changed in 3 years as well. 

  • All of my clan mates have left the game... I am a clan of 1.
  • I have a considerable amount of crap in my inventory that had something to do with upgrading my weapon... I don't know what any of it is.
  • I have antiques. - I assume this is stuff no longer used in the game. Do I sell / exchange / do both?

I plan to start the game again with a new toon to get my combat legs back under me, and just re acclimate to the game in general, but I want to soon use my Main toon again. Can anyone give me a clue as to what I should focus on moving forward (I have screenshots of my current condition below)? Are there any Clans that are helpful to total nabs like myself? Did some outfits go away or did there used to be a wardrobe feature or something that's gone? I'm totally missing several outfits. 









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Oh wow, you weren't kidding....




1. finish the story (Yellow questline)

2. finish the purple quests

3. Do your orange Raid Quests


After those you should end up with the basic starter gear, a decent legendary weapon and hexagonal gems. you might want to later try abd buy the weapon box from the npc at grand harvest square and try get the 7-8 gem slots from the bat.


The antiques you show are from old crafting guilds that no longer exist. Like merry potters was removed. So just sell / exchange them.

When you level you will get weapons from teh story which are enough to get you through it (some weapons from wheel of fate / purple dungeons can be stronger)

When you finish the story DO NOT throw away any of the Lucent accessories cause you will need them.


After that its just grinding for bewtter gear so: Skybreak Spire Raid -> Temple of Eluvium

you might want to check your email / account page cause i believe they are sending out some returning player items that might help you.


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  • 2 months later...

One more random question: 


Okay, this is multi-faceted and therefore may count for more than on question...


This may be covered somewhere and I missed it, but what happened to all the side quests? Are they just gone? Can they be triggered in some way? I started 2 new characters just to go through the game again to remember the story and how everything works (and to try Gunslinger and Warden). I remember a lot of rich side quests, but now there aren't any. I've also noted that the chests in Dungeons like Goldleaf Foundry and Necrotic Lab no longer glow so you can interact with them. Is there even a point in entering dungeons like Necrotic Laboratory anymore? Are all of the random martial artists in Dragon Scale just there for looks now? Are there no longer faction missions on low level maps? 


Perhaps things have been streamlined to push us toward end-game?

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The side quests and most of those weird daily quests were removed. they streamlined the leveling so all you need to do is just follow the story all the way till 60.

The only time you would enter a dungeon is for the purple weapon cause in most cases those are stronger than the ones you get from the story.

for exmaple blackram narrows, them some of the wheel of fate weapons like deva / pinchy, and so on.

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