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Returning Player in Yura NA Need help picking faction and clan


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Hey all,


I am a returning player to BnS, but in my past play-throughs, I never made it past level 20ish. I've made a new character that I want to take seriously on NA server Yura to level up much more, but I don't know what faction to pick. I thought I could remain factionless for some time but I've reached the point in the game where I must pick before continuing the story. Are Ceruleans and Crimsons balanced or does one dominate on this server? I'd later like to join an active clan that wouldn't mind helping me relearn the ropes of the game (don't know if there's an equal amount of clans for each faction).


Any help is appreciated

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4 hours ago, Redshadow said:

it doesnt matter.  all the servers are being merged into 1 server so just pick one.  

Even with a server merge, won't it be possible that one faction, red or blue, will dominate the other?

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